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Colored Denim

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Colored Denim

Color denim mainly includes bromine indigo (commonly known as turquoise blue in the market) denim and black sulfide denim, as well as coffee, emerald, grey, khaki, and blue sulfide denim with sulfur dye color matching, and a small number of bright red, peach red, and yellow denim dyed with naftur or reactive dyes. Although the production batch is not large, the market demand is relatively urgent and often meets the demand No need. The main problem is that the color and light are not stable, the dyeing attention is poor, and the clothing factory is not satisfied. This is related to the small production batch and too many color varieties, but it is difficult to produce color varieties by the dyeing and sizing machine, which has a large consumption, high cost, and the sewage is difficult to be treated, etc., which also has a certain impact. The first solution is to reduce the number of color matching as much as possible in the design, use two color matching as much as possible, no more than three color matching at most, or use other stable dye varieties to replace, so as to adapt to the production characteristics of the dyeing machine, and obtain a more stable dyeing effect; the second solution is to adopt the production process of yarn large capacity dyeing and warping in the yarn weaving factory It is ideal to produce assorted color denim.


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