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Tooling Denim

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Tooling Denim

Anti static electrical denim can be used as the working material of special type of work.

Static electricity will do harm to human health, product quality and even personal safety. Many special industries and places require high anti-static performance of clothing fabrics, such as gas stations, substations, electronic industries, etc. In order to eliminate the hidden danger of static electricity to special work, measures need to be taken in these areas of tooling fabric. Conventional denim fabric, as a kind of material for tooling in many industries, is firm, straight, wear-resistant, dirt resistant and comfortable to wear, but it can not meet the requirements of the above-mentioned special industries and special places for fabric antistatic performance. Antistatic denim series fabric adopts embedded conductive silk structure, and carbon fiber conductive silk is embedded in the warp or warp and weft directions of all cotton denim fabric, so that the fabric has good antistatic function. This series of fabrics are divided into one carbon fiber conducting wire every 0.8cm or 1.0cm according to different varieties. The floating long line of carbon fiber conducting wire is mainly on the inner side of the fabric, making the inner side of the fabric show a vertical bar or grid appearance, while the outer side still shows a common cowboy appearance. The resistance of carbon fiber conducting wire is 106 ohm, which can meet the requirements of gas station, electronic industry and other places for tooling fabric.


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