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Tooling Antistatic Denim

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Tooling Antistatic Denim

Anti static denim for tooling is another advantage product developed by our company in recent years. Since the introduction of our company's anti-static denim, it has provided supporting production services for many well-known petrochemical power enterprises in China. Our company adopts all the imported anti-static wires, and can produce different types of anti-static products according to the requirements of customers.

The fiber of denim cloth is added with anti-static fiber. The denim clothes made of this kind of fabric can be worn as fashion clothes or anti-static work clothes. If the density of anti-static fiber is high, it can also be worn as anti electromagnetic radiation clothes. Therefore, the fabric has a wide range of applications, good anti-static effect, comfortable to wear, and can be made into various styles of jeans clothing, which can be used not only as work clothes, but also as leisure clothing, fashion clothing and other fabrics. The processing technology of the fabric is similar to that of ordinary fabrics.


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