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All Cotton Denim

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All Cotton Denim

The denim made of 100% cotton yarn is all cotton denim. Its warp and weft are all cotton. Its weight range is about 4oz-14oz from thin to thick. The thin all cotton denim can be made into shirt and children's jeans. The thick all cotton denim is more suitable for men's jeans or denim jacket.

Cotton denim characteristics:

1. Pure cotton Coarse Count Twill Fabric has good moisture permeability and air permeability;

2. The texture is thick and the grain is clear, which can prevent wrinkle, shrinkage and deformation;

3. Indigo is a kind of harmonious color which can match with all kinds of color tops in all seasons;

4. Indigo is a kind of non solid color, the more washed, the lighter, the more beautiful.

The spandex yarn with small proportion (about 3-4% of the yarn weight) is used as the core covering elastic warp or weft yarn of the warp yarn. The elastic denim is made of low proportion polyester and cotton blended as warp yarn, and the snow denim with white effect is made of cotton and linen and cotton wool blended yarn The denim made of medium and long fiber (T / R) and the denim fabric made of the same processing technology.


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