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Tencel Denim

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Tencel Denim

Tencel denim, also known as laisel denim, is a relatively popular denim fabric in recent years. Our company developed Tencel denim earlier, which is a well-known Tencel denim manufacturer in the industry. Denim made of Tencel is very soft, comfortable, breathable and glossy. The denim made by Tencel is very environment-friendly. It is easier to degrade than ordinary denim and will not pollute the environment.

The birth of denim fabric of Tencel is of milestone significance. It changes the heavy and rigid style of traditional cotton denim and gives denim the element of lightness and freedom, especially the all day denim fabric, which is no longer so stuffy and hot, and the denim fabric of Tencel is cleaner, brighter and more suitable for young people who are full of vitality. At present, Tencel cotton denim fabric is interwoven, generally in two combinations: one is interwoven by warp indigo cotton yarn and Tencel white yarn, which is the idea from the direct change of traditional cotton denim machine; the other is interwoven by warp indigo blue sky yarn, leaving the warp cotton yarn white. At present, there are not many denim fabrics of Tencel and hemp, but the design idea is to interweave Tencel color yarn and flax blended white yarn. Generally, they are not used for pants, but for shirts or skirts.


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