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Bamboo Denim

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Bamboo Denim

Compared with the yarn of ordinary fabric, the yarn of bamboo denim has certain particularity, so the request of original yarn is different. Important findings are:

1. Warp yarns have lower breaking strength and elongation

The warp process is long, which is often subjected to frequent winding and elongation. The tension on the machine is large when weaving. As a result, warp yarns have lower requirements for breaking strength and elongation.

2. The maturity, levelness and permeability of raw cotton are relatively poor

Indigo dye has poor dye uptake, wear-resistant color fastness, and cotton yarn spun with maturity cotton is difficult to form uneven dyeing, resulting in defects such as color flower, color flower and white star. Therefore, the content of stiff flap, dead cotton and NEP should be eliminated as far as possible.

3. Long yarn hairiness

The yarn hairiness has indirect influence on the quality of the later product. The hairiness of Multi Size yarn and the difficulty of yarn separation in the warping process lead to the growth of broken ends, and at the same time, it will cause the turbidity and thickening of the dye liquor, and even the blockage of the pipeline.

4. Long yarn defects such as wet sliver and slub

As for the ordinary denim with slub, the yarn defects such as wet yarn and slub are longer, otherwise it will affect the fabric surface, color and light, and increase the consumption breakage rate.

5. Large winding capacity

In general, the number of denim yarn is low, and the winding capacity of single drum yarn is only increased to eliminate fabric knots, which is more significant when woven on shuttleless loom.

6. Yarn fineness is accurate, component deviation and small component unevenness

Denim yarn still needs to ensure that the yarn's fineness, weight bias and weight unevenness are within the scope of justice, otherwise it will indirectly affect the control of weight per square meter.


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