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Why denim is so much indigo


Denim has always been a favorite fabric for clothes, which can be seen from one or two pieces of denim in each of our wardrobes. Here, we mainly want to know why denim will choose indigo.

1、 All seasons

With the continuous improvement of our living standards, it has become people's living habits to wear different clothes all the year round. But for denim clothes, they can be worn almost all the year round, as long as they like. The main reason is that Indigo is a coordinated color that can match a variety of color tops.

2、 More solid

The fabric of many of our clothes will fade after wearing for a period of time, and the faded clothes will affect the effect after wearing. But Indigo is a kind of non solid color, which is characterized by the more washed, the lighter and the more beautiful.

Although the color of denim is relatively single, so far, there are other denim designs around this blue, so people who like it can have more choices.

For the more exquisite people, there are many people's living habits are that after each wash of clothes, they need to iron to ensure the cleanness of the clothes, but this is very troublesome. But for denim clothes, it can reduce such trouble. Denim has thick texture, clear lines and proper treatment, so it has a good wrinkle proof, shrinkage proof and deformation proof effect.

And now the color and design of denim are also more, so it is widely used, if there is a need, you can find a professional manufacturer to buy.



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