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Denim wholesalers introduce the color types of denim


In our daily life, we see the color of denim is mainly blue, but in fact, there are many kinds of color of denim, mainly to adapt to the personalized needs of the current market, so the following denim wholesale manufacturer Xiaobian will talk with you about the color classification of denim?

1、 Chromaticity

In order to increase the color change of jeans, Indigo is often overprinted with citysulfurized black, or grass green, sulfurized blue and so on. At the same time, it is also to meet the personalized demand. At the same time, denim manufacturers now have many new denim varieties with their own characteristics, so that they can better improve the competitiveness of the market.

2、 Special color

Because indigo or Indigo jeans are made into clothes, after being washed and processed, they are loved by many consumers, mainly because after being washed, the color is more dense and bright, so the dyeing depth will be particularly deep during processing, and the color fastness will be particularly good. To master the appropriate color, it is necessary to apply dye again, In proportion.

Denim yarn is always white, but usually people will dye the warp into indigo, which is mainly because Indigo is relatively stable and not easy to fade. The three raw materials of indigo dyeing are indigo dye + caustic soda + insurance powder. The blue dye recorded that the basic environment adhered to the textile fiber, and then it was oxidized into insoluble indigo, from warp to indigo.

The above is about the classification of denim color. After listening to the introduction of Xiaobian, did you know more about denim? It turns out that denim can also have this color.




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