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Denim manufacturers introduce the water washing technology of denim


In fact, in terms of washing technology, we may only know how to wash with washing machine. Many friends don't know much about the washing technology of denim. Here's a talk with you about the washing technology of denim.

1、 General washing

This kind of washing method is the one we are familiar with on weekdays. The water temperature reaches 60-90 degrees, and then a certain amount of detergent is added. After about 15 minutes of washing, the water is washed once, and then the softener is added. In this way, the fabric can be more soft and comfortable, and the visual aspect can be cleaner.

2、 Stone washing

This way is to add a certain size of pumice in the washing water, so that the denim can be polished on the pumice and the clothes. If the water level is low, it is generally controlled to the extent of just soaking the clothes, so that the clothes can be in better contact with the pumice.

3、 Enzyme washing

Enzyme is a kind of cellulase, which can degrade the fiber structure under certain pH value and temperature. In this way, it can make denim fade mildly and achieve long-lasting soft effect.

Denim fabric has good hygroscopicity. Under normal circumstances, it can absorb water into the surrounding atmosphere, so the moisture content is generally about 8%. When people's skin contacts this fabric, it will make people feel soft and not stiff. If the moisture content of cotton cloth is higher, the surrounding temperature will be higher, so that the fabric can maintain the state of water balance, making people feel more comfortable.

This is the introduction of denim washing process. If you need denim, you can find a professional manufacturer to purchase.




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