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How to choose good denim


According to the different workmanship, the denim manufacturers of tooling will also have quality differences. In addition, there are more and more denim manufacturers. Now the quality of the market is also uneven. So many friends can't buy the denim correctly when they buy it. Let's talk about how to choose the denim?

1、 On the characteristics of traditional denim

The traditional denim is pure cotton roving twill cloth, which has good air permeability, moisture absorption and sweat absorption. It is thick and comfortable, and has clear lines. Of course, it is very good in wrinkle prevention, shrinkage prevention and deformation prevention. It is suitable to wear in four seasons, and its color is relatively fixed, but it will be washed more and more light, the lighter and the more beautiful.

2、 Look at denim with different material structure

Small proportion of spandex yarn is used as warp yarn, then elastic denim is made, and then low proportion of polyester and cotton fiber are mixed together to make warp yarn. After dyeing, snowflake denim with white effect can be produced. This kind of denim looks more advanced.

In a word, if you want to choose a good denim fabric, you must pay more attention to the above matters, only in this way can you choose a high-quality one.

No matter how the times develop, denim is just welcomed and loved by everyone, especially those who make denim with pure natural high-grade pure cotton cloth, which has incomparable advantages over other fabrics in terms of human body comfort and health, as well as health, etc., so the following small weaving will tell you about the advantages of denim.

1、 Hygroscopicity

Denim has good hygroscopicity. Under normal circumstances, it can absorb moisture into the surrounding atmosphere, so the moisture content is generally about 8%. When people's skin contacts this kind of fabric, it will make people feel soft and not stiff. If the moisture content of cotton is higher, the temperature around it will be higher, so that the fabric can maintain the state of water balance, making people feel more comfortable.

2、 Thermal and antistatic properties

Denim is a bad conductor of heat and electricity, so the conductivity is very low. Because denim itself has porosity, and its elasticity is relatively good. A large amount of air can be accumulated between fibers, and air is a bad conductor of heat and electricity, so it is relatively strong in heat preservation and static electricity resistance.



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