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  • GuangdongBamboo Denim

    Compared with the yarn of ordinary fabric, the yarn of bamboo denim has certain particularity, so...
  • GuangdongTencel Denim

    Tencel denim, also known as laisel denim, is a relatively popular denim fabric in recent years....
  • GuangdongTooling Antistatic Denim

    Anti static denim for tooling is another advantage product developed by our company in recent...
  • GuangdongTooling Denim

    Anti static electrical denim can be used as the working material of special type of work.Static...
  • GuangdongColored Denim

    Color denim mainly includes bromine indigo (commonly known as turquoise blue in the market) denim...
  • GuangdongAll Cotton Denim

    The denim made of 100% cotton yarn is all cotton denim. Its warp and weft are all cotton. Its...
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    Haicheng Changsheng Jiaheng Textile Co., Ltd. is a modern denim manufacturer integrating denim wholesale manufacturing, product research and development, marketing and trade. The factory area of the company is 12000 square meters, with more than 20 professional and technical personnel. The company has six main functional departments, including marketing department, production department, quality management department, central laboratory, logistics office and finance department……

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    Mr. Sun Zhenfeng, general manager of the company, has been engaged in the wholesale production of denim for many years. The company takes "quality is the life of the enterprise, management is the guarantee of quality, customers are the friends of the enterprise, and employees are the owners of the enterprise" as its business philosophy, and makes "SSQ" plan for customers, that is, to do service, to speak of integrity and to guarantee quality ty)。 With offices in Shijiazhuang and Guangzhou, we can get updated and faster information and resources in product design, research and development, technology upgrading, etc. our products can meet the needs of domestic and foreign merchants. Based on this, our products are sold to Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Hebei, Shandong, Shanghai, Jilin and other regions in China.

    Our company now has four domestic high-speed warping machines and two Hong Kong Yulong pulp dyeing machines, with an annual production and processing of more than 11 million meters of pure cotton and cotton blended yarn dyeing. More than 200 rapier looms, two preshrinking machines and one mercerizing machine.

    The enterprise spirit of "pursuing eternity and striving for leaps and bounds" is willing to sincerely cooperate with all colleagues on the basis of "mutual benefit and common development" to present the environmental protection and safety denim to the customers at home and abroad, and wish us to create a better future together!

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    Xiliu Industrial Park, Haicheng City, Liaoning Province


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